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Events other than J2Ex workshops that were either organised in conjunction with J2Ex, or attended by J2Ex Facilitators in conjunction with their J2Ex activities.

POSTPONED! 2nd International Journey to Excellence Conference, Swaziland

Follow-up meeting with Dr. Onja Holisoa Rahamefy in Antananarivo (SE 2016-8)

Launch of new “Take Charge of Your Mindset!” Class at ISCAM, Antananarivo (SE 2016-7)

Follow-up on TCYL 2014-2 held at Lycée Ivato (SE 2016-6)

J2Ex Developer Nina Mapili visits TCYL class at ISCAM (SE 2016-5)

10 Year Camp EXCELL Celebration also brings together many J2Ex Alumni (SE 2016-4)

J2Ex Developer Nina Mapili speaks about “Curiosity” with English Class at ISCAM (SE 2016-3)

J2Ex Developer Nina Mapili visits and speaks with TCYL Class at ISCAM (SE 2016-2)

Talking about TCYB in Hamburg, Germany (SE 2016-1)

Planning for series of articles: Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development