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“Introduction to Excellence” Workshop (I2Ex)

It is estimated that up to 80% of companies fail to implement their strategies. To what extent are you implementing yours?

To what extent do your strategies adequately address current SWOT issues and critical success factors?
How well defined and appropriate are your goals?

Do you have measures in place that provide you with an effective dashboard?

The Introduction to Excellence (I2Ex)

During the Introduction to Excellence (I2Ex) workshop, which can be customized to take from 2 hours to 2 days, participants learn about the EFQM Excellence Model, a globally respected management tool. If time allows, they may conduct a simple first assessment of their current organisational position against criteria that reflect good and best practices of highly successful organisations.

The EFQM Excellence Model

“The Model, which recognises there are many approaches to achieving sustainable excellence in all aspects of performance, is based on the premise that excellent results with respect to Performance, Customers, People and Society are achieved through Leadership driving Policy and Strategy, that is delivered through People, Partnerships and Resources, and Processes.” – EFQM

The workshop is designed to be an individual, company or organisation’s first experience with organisational Self-Assessment. Depending on the level of organisational maturity, either this workshop or the Aiming for Excellence workshop is the logical next step for management teams that have participated in Take Charge of Your Business! workshop, have successfully implemented the resulting improvement activities, and are now seeking ways to improve further.

More than one company management team can participate at the same time.

In the workshop, participants first receive a solid grounding in the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, and then move on to the theory and practice of using the EFQM Excellence Model. The Model’s various criteria are dealt with individually and in interrelationship with each other. Participants may use a questionnaire to conduct a simple assessment of their own organisation’s excellence.


Organisational Assessment is an eye-opener that will expose management teams to a whole new way of approaching business. Though participants in the Journey to Excellence program will already have begun to develop a new mindset, we very strongly recommend professional mentoring of action plan teams greatly during the implementation of improvement activities resulting from the Assessment.

How to prepare

Compile, review and bring along:

  • your organisation’s formal vision, mission and values statements
  • detailed documentation on
    • policies, strategies, and plans
    • goals and objectives
    • measures (leading and lagging) currently in use,
    • results achieved over the past 3-5 years
    • stakeholder analysis
  • Bring along a pencil, sharpener, calculator and rubber
  • Make arrangements to avoid work-related disturbance during the workshop
  • Dress comfortably