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“Take Charge of Your Organisation” Workshop (TCYO)

Do you run your organisation, or do you sometimes think that it runs you?
Do you spend a lot of your time fighting fires?
Are you progressing as you would like toward the future you want for your organisation?


The 3 day residential Take Charge of your Organisation! workshop is for executives and management teams of organisations that want to develop and implement a strategic framework that will enable them to “take it to the next level”. More than one management team can participate in a TCYO workshop at the same time.

What was the vision or mandate that led to the establishment of your organisation? Is that vision and/or mandate still alive and well? To what extent does it guide you in your day-to-day activities?

What goals have been set for the organisation, and what strategies and plans are you implementing to achieve them?

To what extent are your strategies and plans based upon a solid foundation of information? Do they take relevant information, current economic developments and global, regional and local trends into consideration?

Have you taken the time to dispassionately consider what you do really well? And what you don’t do well at all in comparison to your competition? Are you using that information? Are you capitalising on your strengths and implementing defensive strategies to protect against your weaknesses?

What are your most burning issues? Are you consequently addressing their root causes, or simply fighting fires when they erupt?

You will address these and many related issues in the Take Charge of your Organisation! workshop, and use your results and considerations to formulate a concise and precise way forward.

At the end of the workshop you will have developed

  • a holistic strategic framework that includes your organisation’s vision, mission and values,
  • overarching strategies,
  • a well-defined set of Key Strategic Goals, and
  • two preliminary Improvement Activity Charters and Action Plans,
    • one set for the implementation of your strategic framework, and
    • one set to address your most burning issue.

You will have done this against the background of stakeholder, PEST and SWOT analyses, and have learned how to formulate SMART goals and implement plans.


Beginning the Journey to Excellence must almost always correspond with a change of mindset in an organisation’s people. This is not easy, and experience shows that the professional mentoring of action plan teams greatly supports the implementation of improvement activities.

How to prepare

  • Consider your own personal vision, mission and values, and those of your company
  • Bring along documentation on organisational plans, strategies, goals, measures and results the company is achieving
  • Consider why and where, and how much time you spend fighting fires
  • Research and bring information about trends in your sector
  • Research and bring information about predicted economic and political developments in countries in which you do business
  • Know what your competition is up to!
  • Inform yourself about technological developments that could impact your business/activities
  • Bring along a pencil, sharpener and rubber
  • Bring along business cards
  • Dress comfortably