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Events other than J2Ex workshops that were either organised in conjunction with J2Ex, or attended by J2Ex Facilitators in conjunction with their J2Ex activities.

Talks with students at CNELA

Follow-up meeting: Voahangy Ramananarinoro

Follow-up meeting: Andry Ravalomanda

Conférence Internationale Journey to Excellence (Suite) / J2Ex Conference Follow-Up

TCYL Certificate Ceremony, ISCAM; Antananarivo, Madagascar

TCYL4Youth Certificate Ceremony, Lycée Ivato

TCYL4Kids and TCYL4Youth strategy meeting

J2Ex Developer Nina Mapili speaks with students at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany

“Introduction to Excellence” presentation; Shijiazhuang, China, 18 Oct. 2014

Discussion with students and faculty of SIEE; 15 Oct. 2014