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“Strategic Planning” Workshop (StratPlan)

It is estimated that up to 80% of companies fail to implement their strategies. Sure, there are good reasons some of them fall by the wayside, but often there aren’t.

We want to make sure that you have a strategic plan – and a strategic planning and implementation process – that is developed with, and owned by, your people. In other words, one that people work hard to take from theory to practice.

If you want someone to come in and just “do it for you” while you sit back and watch, we are not the consultants you want!


We design, develop and facilitate Strategic Planning (StratPlan) workshops in close cooperation with our clients. It can be a stand alone workshop (i.e. this workshop is your entry point into J2Ex). It can also be part of an ongoing process that began with a Take Charge of Your Business! or Strategic Alignment, or it can simply part of your well-established cycle of continuous improvement.

The duration will vary, depending upon your starting point and level of organisational maturity.

The material from the StratA workshop will be covered, either during, or in advance of the workshop, some of it in much greater detail. In addition, we develop a competitor array, consider alternatives and develop strategies and tactics, define strategic and tactical goals and associated measures.

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed an initial strategic cascade and designed an initial set of measures.


We very strongly recommend that companies or organisations that do not have a very robust process and culture of implementation of strategy follow up with mentoring of those responsible for implementation through out the business.

How to prepare

The preparation process is tailored to each client.