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Events other than J2Ex workshops that were either organised in conjunction with J2Ex, or attended by J2Ex Facilitators in conjunction with their J2Ex activities.

Lungi Mareka qualifies as “Take Charge of Your Life!” facilitator!

Networking with the Institute of People Management, Swaziland

Follow-up visit at Cookie Shop; Antananarivo, Madagascar

Fela Razafiarison may now become a licensed TCYP facilitator!

Information session “The Journey to Excellence”
Fela RAZAFIARISON in Germany for TCYB/TCYP Facilitator Workshop preparation

Cérémonie de Remise de Diplômes et Certificats, ISCAM, à Antananarivo, Madagascar

Ngunoue Cynthia Kaimu may now become a licensed TCYL Facilitator!

Meeting with potential future J2Ex Facilitators; Harare, Zimbabwe

J2Ex Site Visits with SAFRI Sec. Gen.; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe