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Globe spanning mentoring

Posted on February 21st, by Nina Mapili in Who's talking about us? Category. Comments Off on Globe spanning mentoring

Late in 2015, Journey to Excellence Program Developer Nina Mapili began mentoring  Moroccan education entrepreneur Jihane Laraichi through a German program called Ouissal, which aims to promote economic growth through the empowerment of female entrepreneurs. After a few days to kick-start the process in person in Casablanca, they continued with regular globe spanning “virtual meetings” that went on independent of their current locations. Skype, WhatsApp and Google Docs made it possible to continue the conversation between Mexico and Germany, Morocco and Japan, Paris and Switzerland and beyond.

J2Ex Developer Nina Mapili begins the mentoring process with Jihane Laraichi in Casablanca, September, 2015

But does it really work?

Today this recommendation came in from Jihane, who remains in contact with Nina:

“I was mentored for a year beginning in September 2015 by Journey to Excellence Program Developer Nina Mapili as part of Ouissal, the German-Arab Mentoring Program of the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association.

It was a very life changing experience. She has developed over the years her own mentoring methodology which has proven to be efficient. Through this process, she helped me have a strategic approach and gave me very useful tools that I still use even after the mentoring is over. Nina is a very skilled professional, she is dedicated to what she does and very committed to helping her mentees succeed. I totally recommend her as an amazing person and her way of working as totally efficient.”

Coach scolaire parentale et professionnelle
Spécialiste en stratégies d’apprentissage et orientation
Casablanca, Morocco and Paris, France

Jihane Laraichi uses the J2Ex “Take Charge of Your Business!” workbook

One of the advantages of one-on-one mentoring is that you can spontaneously decide to work on the beach

Mentoring is a two way street, and one must eat, so Jihane introduced Nina to some local culinary delights.

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