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“Take Charge of Your Mindset!” (TCYM)

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Mindset: “The way you see yourself in the world”


Take Charge of Your Mindset! workshops, which vary from a short 1 hour seminars to semester long classes, will introduce you to the research done by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck and colleagues, primarily as presented in her book Mindset – Updated Edition: Changing The Way You Think To Fulfil Your Potential” and in various presentations, interviews, etc. 

Can you imagine that the way you see yourself could lead to a less stressful and more successful life?

Prof. Dweck’s research shows that how you see yourself in the world can either support you in pursuit of your aspirations, in achieving your potential, or actually keep you from doing so.

So how do you see yourself? Are you smarter than most? Not so bright? No good at maths?

Do believe “You are what you’re born with”? Or do you believe that you can grow your brain? Do you know what neural plasticity is?

How do you react to risk? Do you enjoy a big challenge? How do you feel if you fail, and what do you then do? Or do you say “I can’t do that. Someone else must do it.”

In the workshop, you will begin to:

    • Learn how understanding the way you see yourself in the world can alter the way you think or react in key situations
    • Learn about the impact specific mindsets have on the achievement of potential
    • Explore where your thoughts and actions put you on the “mindset continuum”
    • Learn how the way you study, work with colleagues, speak with children, face difficulties, can change in ways that support the achievement of your potential, and that of those around you,
    • learn about neuroplasticity, and what research findings say about peoples’ ability to learn and grow
    • develop strategies to adjust your mindset to better support your aspirations
    • learn to help others develop their mindset in a way that will increase their learning success.

How to prepare:

    • Envision the future you want for yourself and your family.  
    • Think about how you see yourself
    • Think about how you react in stressful situations: when you or someone near you tries something and fails
    • Think about how you deal with risk 
    • Watch Nina Mapili’s talk “Lead an enterprising Life!”
    • Bring along a pencil, sharpener and rubber