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“Take Charge of Your Life!” classes; Nkhata Bay Region, Malawi

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Christian reported:
“In early June we distributed 17 of the booklets to people in the age from 12 to 18. In the first lesson we introduced the idea “to take charge of life” and they tried to read and explain the content of the booklet.

In the following lessons, they raised questions and we gave them hands-on examples. We explained… in detail the meaning of Values, Stakeholders, Success Factors, Vision, Mission SWOT etc. …most of the lessons had to be translated into Chitonga, the local language.

“”Take Charge of Your Life” is now a part of their Sunday Lessons. Both, the Pastor and the Teacher, understand the concept and are able to help the participants.

“I think the participants understood, that it is them to plan their life, develop ideas and draft a plan where to go to. They also know that it is not as easy as to wait for somebody to tell them or even live into each and every day without plan.

“The students enjoyed the lessons, showed general interest and I had fun with them.”

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