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Strategic Alignment Workshop for ISCAM, 3-5 June, 2014

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During the course of this 3 day workshop, management teams examine their business or organisation’s current degree of strategic alignment, and then develop and learn to implement a more robust “philosophical framework” that focuses energies and resources on achieving the organisational vision.

The workshop also prepares teams for further steps in the Journey to Excellence program, such as theStrategic Planning or Organisational Assessment workshops.

Attendees should include an organisation’s entire management team – plus other key people such as informal leaders. More than one company management team can participate at the same time.

The workshop begins by having teams review, and refine

  • their vision, mission and value statements
  • their stakeholder analysis, and the integration of stakeholder needs, wants and expectations into the strategic framework
  • critical success factors (CSFs) and
  • key strategic (top level) goals.

Teams will then take a close look at existing strategies and plans to see if they are aligned with declared vision, mission and key strategic goals. Do they align? If not, what are the consequences?

Next, teams will complete PEST and SWOT analyses, and cross check the results with existing strategies, plans and goals. Are there gaps? Preliminary strategies to fill gaps will be considered. These strategies will need to be refined outside of the workshop, preferably in a dedicated strategic planning workshop.

This will lead into a discussion of measures: those currently in place, and those that would be appropriate. To what extent are measures aligned with goals?

Finally, teams will examine and refine the “cascade” through which they implement their strategies and plans, and check the extent to which their current structure supports it.

In the end, teams will have gained a set of tools with which they can implement a strong strategic framework and align their organisation’s actions with strategies and plans.

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