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J2Ex Conference “Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development”; Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Program Outline

Sept. 19th, “Ideas Day”

The “Ideas Day” will feature concise, well-prepared presentations by an international group of speakers, artists and musicians. They will be selected to showcase forward-looking ideas, challenge mindsets, and explore alternative viewpoints.

Sept. 20th, “Implementation Day”

“Implementation Day” will explore the implications and implementation of ideas presented the day before. Presenters and participants will have the opportunity to interact in workshops, creative labs, and perhaps excursions. What works, what doesn’t? How could old problems be approached in new ways? What does “Mindset” have to do with it?

Sept. 21st, Sunday

Sunday will be free. Participants will have the opportunity to book tours of Antananarivo or explore the fascinating city on their own.

Sept. 22nd, “Skills Day”

“Skills Day” will focus on developing the individual through mindset change, skills and competencies that will support the implementation of the ideas explored earlier. Presenters from days one and two will be invited to join the Journey to Excellence team in leading practically-oriented training sessions and seminars designed for students and other lifelong learners.

What is the Journey to Excellence?

Through a series of workshops and other interventions, the Journey to Excellence (J2Ex) Program supports individuals, teams, businesses, and organisations in their quest to turn dreams into reality. In doing so, it introduces them to a pragmatic set of tools, new ways of thinking, and a new paradigm of excellence. At the core is a mindset grounded in continuous learning and personal responsibility through which people and organisations are able to enhance their sustainability – be it on a personal or an organisational level.

The Malagasy J2Ex team members and conference organisers from ISCAM, Compagnie Miangaly Théâtre, and Kentia sarl, are all on “Journeys to Excellence”. As part of their professional activities they organise and facilitate J2Ex program workshops.

The J2Ex program was developed by Nina Mapili, MD of Mapili GmbH. With the support of SAFRI, the Southern Africa Initiative of German Business, J2Ex program workshops have been presented throughout southern Africa. Many local facilitators have been trained – some of
whom are now J2Ex Conference organizers.

Through this non-profit conference, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the conversations around mindset change and development – particularly in Africa.

See conference videos

Learn more about the Journey to Excellence, and see conference organisers – and alumni – in action on the Journey to Excellence YouTube channel.

See the conference flyer and Call for Presenters here under “Flyers”.  

For more information on conference organizers and key sponsor:

J2Ex and Mapili


Compagnie Miangaly Théâtre

Kentia sarl


Conference  Registration and Fee:

Find the registration form for non-resident English speakers here under “flyers”. All others please contact Fela Razafiarison or Herve Razafindranaivo. Contact details are below. The number of participants is limited, so don’t delay!

The conference fee  for non-residents is MGA 150,000 / €50 / USD 60. Participants from abroad may secure their spot by mailing a copy of their travel documents with their registration form and then paying upon arrival.

For information in French or Malagasy, and for in-country registration contact:

e: herve.r(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Jaona RANAIVOSON, Directeur Général ISCAM
jaona.r(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Tel: +261 20 256 27
Mobile: +261 33 11 022 68+261 33 11 022 68

Fela RAZAFIARISON, Représentante Compagnie Miangaly
razfelak(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
Mobile: +261 34 39 473 63+261 34 39 473 63

Prosperin TSIALONINA, Chief exécutive officer, KENTIA sarl
contact(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

For information in English contact:

nina(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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